Bringing Your Cutting Edge Startup to the Forefront

Our Ecosystem

Deep-Tech Showcase supports the growth and development of dual-use technologies. Amongst our members are founders of novel technologies, government stakeholders, corporate decision makers and investors commited to help our entrepreneurs. Our programs provides startups with strategic consulting sessions, pitching opportunities, accelerators ,guided introductions, dedicated events spotlighting their companies, along with marketing support for awareness and lead generation. 

Our Playbook 


One of the most vexing challenges for startups is finding the correct product-market fit. At Deep-Tech Showcase we offer one-on-one sessions with top notch consultants with ample real-world experience who can expertly advise a path forward. This is a starting point for focusing on the right opportunities during our engagement. 


Dual-use startups face a Catch-22:  they need investment to grow the company and enable business traction, but they often need to demonstrate business traction to interest investors. The Deep-Tech Marketing program is tailored to help startups that are technologically developed enough to commercialize their product but lack a mature marketing infrastructure. 


Deep-Tech Showcase operates accelerators for companies seeking to engage with the Air Force’s AFWERX R&D contracting program, companies seeking to enter the Defense sector more generally, and for energy-focused companies. The accelerators help companies in these fields navigate the complexities inherent in engaging with the US Federal Government.

Guided Introductions

As an ongoing effort to maximize the potential within our network, we are constantly learning the needs and pain points of our members, and actively working to solve them through relationships. When we find the right fit, a warm introduction is made. For startups, this means opening new doors that were previously unapproachable. For stakeholders, this means access to constant deal flow of relevant next-gen technology.

Our Roadmap

We build a custom roadmap based on each clients needs and timeline. We combine showcases, webinars, marketing, outreach, and our accelerators in order to make a comprehensive plan that fits the needs of a dual-use startups. 

Your Success