Deep Tech Showcase
Deep-Tech Showcase

Deep-tech & dual-use companies team with investors, public sector stakeholders, and industry partners

Deep-Tech Showcase is a members-only community that brings the key players in the Deep-Tech ecosystem together. Anchoring the Showcase are monthly gatherings, ongoing matchmaking, pitch events, and focus groups where pioneer & dual-use technology companies connect with representatives from government and smart cities , corporate tech scouts, and investors. 

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January 26th 1:00-4:00pm, ET

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Why Join the Deep-Tech Showcase?


Deep-Tech startups join the Showcase community in order to gain exposure, develop relationships, and fine tune their pitch. The companies in the Showcase are looking to connect to government, major corporations, and/or investors in order to open doors and make impactful business gains.


Investors join the Showcase community in order to create a deal flow of both innovative and stable startups from the U.S. and abroad. All member companies are developing deep-tech with dual-use application, which means the product offerings are relevant in both the public and private sectors. Typically companies in the Showcase are looking to raise Seed to Series B funding.

Industry Partners

Major corporations join the Showcase community in order to discover new technologies being developed by innovative startups from the U.S. and abroad. These startups may add to your organization with technology to enhance commercial offerings, to act as subs on prime contracts, potential service/tech providers, or relevant for M&As.

Public Sector

Federal, city, and state representatives join the Showcase in order to have a pulse on the deep-tech eco-system from the U.S. and internationally. The companies in the Showcase community have the ability to solve your challenges, improve the quality of life and safety of your region, and make a positive impact using emergent technology.

The community curated by Deep-Tech Showcase allows deep-tech & dual-use companies to connect with relevant investors, corporate decision-makers, and public sector partners. The intended outcome of these relationships are future investments, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as MoUs and pilot contracts.

Companies, investors, corporate scouters, and U.S. government stakeholders will be able to connect based on mutual interests. Participating companies will present at events and connect monthly with stakeholders interested in forging collaborations.

Deep-Tech Showcase is a privately held firm based in Israel and is supported by Eagle Point Funding.


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