Deep Tech Showcase

Federally Funded Startups Pitch to Investors, Federal Stakeholders, and Industry Partners

Winter Session

Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021, 2pm EST

Deep-Tech Showcase is a members-only community that meets 3 times a year and brings the key players in the Deep-Tech ecosystem to meet, network, and build collaborations.

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Investors, Federal agencies, and large corporations are the primary actors moving deep technologies forward through funding and initiatives. On the other side are deep-tech focused startups, who are the primary innovators pioneering advanced tech. At Deep-Tech Showcase the catalysts and innovators meet and meaningful results follow.

Deep-Tech Showcase is a platform for deep-tech startups who have recently received funding from Federal agencies to pitch to investors, Federal agencies, and industry partners. These companies will have a unique opportunity to gain exposure and connect with dedicated investors, corporate representatives, and stakeholders from Federal agencies who are willing to consider pilot contracts, or to actively offer assistance in doing so.

Deep-Tech Showcase is a platform for stakeholders of deep-tech to connect with the most innovative deep-tech startups and begin collaborations, make investments, and onboard new tech.

Deep-Tech Showcase hosts and promotes deep-tech startups who were awarded by Federal agencies such as the DoD, NASA, DoE, DHS, and NSF over the past 12 months.

Membership and participation are free of charge; however, they require an honor code obligation to follow the Deep-Tech Showcase basic rules to meet, network, and establish collaborations.


Why attend Deep-Tech Showcase?



You are a deep-tech startup and have been awarded R&D funding from U.S. Federal agencies such as the DoD, NASA, DHS, and the DoE within the past 6 months. If accepted, your company may join the Showcase for a period of 1 year.

Investors / Industry Partners

You are an investor or a tech scout for a major corporation. You have an interest in promoting deep-tech startups who were recently awarded R&D grants or contracts from U.S. federal agencies such as DoD, NASA, DHS, NSF, and the DoE and are on route to win a contract with a federal customer. 


You are a representative from a U.S. federal agency. You are interested in discovering companies developing next-gen technology with the potential to help with agency challenges. You are stakeholder, namely a customer or end-user of technology and looking to contract small businesses or facilitate connections.

The matchmaking arena created by Deep-Tech Showcase allows federally awarded companies to connect with relevant investors, corporate decision-makers, and Federal agencies partners interested in making investments, becoming a customer, or assisting companies with MoUs.

Companies accepted to pitch at Deep-Tech Showcase will be given access to the community for 12 months. A startup or small business is eligible to participate in the Showcase if the company has received a R&D award such as a SBIR, CSO, or BAA, within the past 12 months. Companies, investors, corporate scouters, and government stakeholders will be able to connect based on mutual interests. Participating companies may apply to present at one of the annual events and will enjoy feedback from the panelists.

Deep-Tech Showcase is run by Eagle Point Funding, a privately held firm based in Israel, assisting companies and academic institutions to secure R&D funding.

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