The United States Air Force offers a co-investment opportunity with private sector investors to fund startups $750k - $60M in funding.

STRATFI/TACFI Growth Accelerator

By: Eagle Point Funding

The STRATFI & TACFI Growth Accelerator by Eagle Point Funding, helps eligible startups to win these programs by bringing investors and Air Force stakeholders together to unlock a funding increase to help commercialize. This is a private program; Eagle Point Funding is not a federal agency.  
by Eagle Point Funding
by Eagle Point Funding
by Eagle Point Funding

How the USAF STRATFI/TACFI Program Works

The STRATFI, Strategic Financing Initiative, and TACFI, Tactical Funding Increase, programs were created by AF Ventures (AFWERX) to help bridge the gap between prototype and commercial product for dual-use technology. These programs can offer up to $15M of non-dilutive funding, provided you can fund matching private sector funding (meaning up to $60M total funding).

Both programs require match funding from investors, while STRATFI also requires that an Air Force stakeholder chip in as well. The programs differ in award amount where STRATFI offers up to $60M in funding and TACFI caps at $3.6M.

STRATFI was launched in March of 2020 and despite the start of the pandemic, the program invested a combined $545M from Air Force and private sector funds in nearly 20 startups. The average award was just over $30M ($5.6M from AF Ventures, $5.6M from other AF gov sources, $19M private capital).

Since then, AF Ventures has also launched TACFI. 

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Based on chart from AF Ventures Website

TACFI: $375K - $1.8M

STRATFI: $3M - $15M


Based on chart from AF Ventures Website

Breakdown of Funding:

Eagle Point Funding’s STRATFI/TACFI Growth Accelerator is built to help you win STRATFI or TACFI. Our program focuses on getting you ready to meet with investors or with Air Force personnel at scale while identifying and preparing the right decision maker to take a much deeper look at what you bring to the table.

How Our Growth Accelerator Program Works

  1. Prepare you to meet investors & USAF Stakeholders:

    • Build a full scale go-to-market plan

      • Investor Deck

      • Due diligence materials

      • Go-to-Market strategy

      • Help you identify the right Stakeholders

      • Build out your use-cases to fit the end-users needs

  2. Prepare investors & USAF Stakeholders to meet you:

    • Investors and Stakeholders will be educated on the opportunity to co-invest with the UASF

    • Will know about your company and your solution

  3. Organize meetings with investors & USAF Stakeholders

    • Provide an introduction and a meeting

    • Encourage a follow-up process between you and your investor/AF stakeholder

  4. Organize a Showcase to Investors and USAF

  5. Build a winning proposal

    • The STRATFI & TACFI submissions are complex proposals, we’ll guide you through it and help you craft a winning proposal.

Core Activities of Our Growth Accelerator Program